Expert Assistance

We serve you as an educator, a counsellor, a financial advisor assisting in finding the best of best properties for you.

Engage with top notch industry experts, our Relationship Managers

For customers who do not have the time to browse through various properties, we will be able to provide an exclusive Relationship Manager (RM) who will assist you in getting you the ideal property/ or the ideal tenant as the requirement may be.

Our Relationship Manager (RM), WHO IS A VETERAN IN THE REAL ESTATE SECTOR, will work with clients to help them make the right decisions with their requirements and explain the financial implications to them to ensure they have made the right choices with the services on offer to them.

Right from searching the perfect house to negotiating with the owners, from finalizing the house to making the legal agreement, we make sure our customers get the best deal. We don't charge ridiculous brokerage amount, just our service charge, which is totally refundable if you're not satisfied with our service or you find a house from elsewhere.

Why experts?

  • Prepare rental agreements for lessor/lessee
  • Negotitate with the owners on the buyer's behalf
  • Completion of registration process with you
  • Fix appointments on your behalf
  • Providing the customer with best available option and ensure customer satisfaction

The price that you pay for getting such proficient service is unbelievable. This price entitles you to privileges mentioned above and also brings a realization that how invaluable a broker service is with its high brokerage. This service is mainly done with a view of avoiding the commission being given to the real time brokers by the end users.

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