Verified, Latest and Updated

We strongly validate every customer and property to ensure the property details are correct and the owner or tenant is not a broker or mediator.

Get access to unlimited house options & direct owners contacts, on one click

Spend hours on internet or roam around the streets but the chances of finding 1-2 suitable house options are scarce. But here Direct Owners gives you access to unlimited house options and direct owners contacts without limitations! No broker!

Verified and updated owners listings

All the seller property listings will be made live only post verification. We also keep the listing updated, easy for a seller to update the status of the property. Making it easy to post and find the right property for rent or sale.By doing so we served our genuine buyers with the verified, latest and updated property listing.

More matching properties listings

For every search, our users are able to reach more number of matching properties, that are verified, latest and updated. The user also gets to see when the latest update was done. . As a registered user you can express your interest and shortlist your preferred properties, the respective owners get alert with your contact details.

User friendly

Helps users to assess the property easily based on locality, type, buying or renting, budget etc. At any point of time, a user can toggle between list or map view of the search results. Also the users have a better picture of the locality with the help of images including the street view of the property location.